Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mega Man Anniversary Collection GCN Button Patch

In waiting for Mega Man 10 I decided to brush up on my old retro skills, so I got Mega Man Anniversary Collection gamecube edition and much to my disappointment they had switched the button config so you jumped with B and shot with A, completely backwards from how it was originally.

Apparently the playstation and xbox versions have it right there, but that not being an option I decided to make a patch fixing the problem. (only had to switch two statements in the Start.dol file)

Don't ask me where to get the iso or how to dump the game. (iph-mmac is all I'm saying).
Tested and working on dolphin and on the Wii using Neogamma beta 8.

Download here (includes everything needed to patch on Windows)
Download diff file only (does not)

Windows instructions:
1) Extract the contents of the rar file to the same folder as the image.
2) Run patch.bat (just make sure your image is named iph-mmac.gcm)
3) The newly created file will be called iph-mmac-fixed.gcm.
4) Burn the iso and enjoy the collection the way it's meant to be.

Diff only:
1) Download the xdelta3 binary and extract it to the same folder as the image.
2) Open the command promt and navigate to the folder. (or shell)
3) xdelta3.exe -d -s iph-mmac.gcm mmacfix.dif iph-mmac-fixed.gcm (might be different for mac/linux users)
4) Burn the iso and be happy.

Note: it will not patch if you don't have the correct image file.
Other info:
Image MD5 before patching should be: 8218316438e841364b980b5b95a54a78
Original IDA pro dif file for Start.dol.

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